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Fri. Feb 16th 2018

It is with great pleasure, that the Woodbury Fire Department wish Career Firefighter Randy Ballinger and Firefighter Brad Vol...

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Thu. Feb 8th 2018
1st Due 2nd Alarm

Just after 05:00 hrs station dispatched to 600 block of Mantua Pike (Barlow Buick) for structure fire. Woodbury Police arrive...

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Tue. Jan 30th 2018
1st Due House Fire

Just after 07:30 hours station was dispatched to 700 blk of N Broad St at for a reported Dwelling Fire. FM5 arrived with fire...

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Recruitment Center

Why Volunteer?

  • Have you ever heard a siren or seen a fire engine – and wondered what was happening?
  • Have you ever witnessed or come upon a motor vehicle accident – and wished you could help?
  • Are you looking for new lifelong friendships, challenges and rewards?
  • Do you want to become involved in your community?
  • Are you looking to supplement your retirement?


The fire and EMS service is one of the most diverse and challenging vocations today. It is this diversity that attracts most men and women to join our ranks. Different people volunteer for different reasons. Action oriented people enjoy the excitement and adrenaline rush that emergency services has to offer. Some see the volunteer fire service as an alternative to ‘driving a desk by day’ – by allowing them to ‘drive a fire truck at night!’ Many like the feeling they get when they help people in their time of need and some feel it’s their obligation to serve the community. Yet others just want to belong to the team. Whatever motivates you to volunteer – everyone gains the self-satisfaction of being at their best when others are dealing with what is often the worst that life has to offer. Imagine having to prepare yourself to cope with situations that range from structure fires to childbirth to hazardous chemical spills to heart attacks to almost any imaginable emergency in between. This diversity is coupled with the fact that these skills may be needed at any time of the day or night, seven days a week, in any kind of weather, and very often under potentially stressful and emotional circumstances. Yet these same factors contribute to our profession being so personally rewarding. We realize that firefighting is not for everyone, but we believe that volunteering can be. There is plenty of work to be done on or behind the scene – including running the business of the department. The personal rewards and satisfaction received from what we do is often beyond description. There is the sense of accomplishment when you control a building fire, joy and elation when a child is born, compassion for accident victims, and fulfillment from teaching fire safety. The bottom line in our business is measured by the loss of life, pain and suffering, and the property damage we have prevented and reduced. Volunteering in emergency services is one of the most important decisions you may make. We hope that you give this decision the time and serious consideration it deserves, and decide to join our ranks.


Getting started is easy!
At least 16 years of age
No training required for new members 
Complete application 
Complete orientation 
Complete Physical



Membership  Options

* Firefighters- 18 & up years of age 

*Junior Firefighters-16-18 years of age

*Auxiliary -18 & up years of age


Some of the Benefits of Joining 

Free Training

Fire house Family

LOSAP (Length Of Service Appreciation Program) (Firefighter)

NJ State Firemen's Association Membership (Firefighter)


Easy to apply

* Stop by the fire station on 1st & 4th Tuesday evenings 7pm speak to the members. While there, you can pick up an application and tour the station and apparatus.

* Stop by the station anytime the doors are open or there is a vehicle in the parking lot and speak with a member and pick up an application.

* If you think you would like to make a difference in someone else's life, print off an application drop it off at the fire station.


You can also email us at  to ask any questions, or call the station at (856) 845-0066 .




Fire Marshal's Office

For more information or other Fire Prevention Topics please contact the office of the Fire Marshal at 856-845-0066

Hours of Fire Marshal M-F 7:30am-4:00pm

Please click on the following link for information and files regarding the Fire Marshal's Office

Request Report or Question about fire safety

Fire Marshal Email

Join Woodbury FD


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Publishes fire and building safety standards including the National Electrical Code.
The Atlantic County Firefighters' Association of the State of New Jersey, Inc. operates the Atlantic County Fire Academy at the Atlantic County owned Anthony "Tony" Canale Training Center in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.