Recent Calls
Tue. Dec 4th 2018
Just after 23:00 hours the station was dispatched to 100 block of Crescent Ave for a dwelling. Full Story
Fri. Nov 30th 2018
Just after 02:30 hours Ladder 516 was dispatched to 532  Woodbury Glassboro Rd in Woodbury Heights for a building f...
Sat. Nov 24th 2018
Just before 10:30 hours station dispatched to W Red Bank Ave and N broad St for Motor Vehicle Crash. The day continued from t...
Wed. Oct 10th 2018
Around 18:15 hours engine was dispatched to Woolwich township, the 200 block of Broad Street for a reported dwelling fire. Fu...
Mon. Oct 1st 2018
Just after 07:00 hours the Engine 511 was dispatched as RIC to 501 Sharptown rd in Logan twp. for a building fire. Full Story Managed web hosting for Fire/EMS

Woodbury Fire Department

Woodbury Fire Department provides a professional level of community fire protection, prevention, and rescue services to the citizens and property owners within The City of Woodbury and surrounding towns, in order to prevent or minimize the loss of life, pain, and suffering property damage as a result of fire or other type of emergency.

The Fire Department's mission will be accomplished by effective use of its volunteer, career, and physical resources, in cooperation with other public agencies, utilizing available equipment, innovative techniques and available technology to provide a high level of cost efficient quality services.

We currently operate 2- Engines, A Ladder, 2-Utility Trucks, Technical Rescue Trailer, A Marine Unit, Kayaks, and a Chief & Deputy Chief vehicle.





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